Sunday 22 May 2022

The Denouement to Paul Bashir's Million Dollar Scandal: Anonymous for the Voiceless in 2022.

It certainly seems like a very long time ago that I was discussing this on my youtube channel…


Paul Bashir did finally submit (long delayed) financial statements up to June of 2020.

In 2019 they received A$598,566 in donations (i.e., this is in Australian dollars).

In 2020, they received A$1,366,885.

"The total remuneration paid to key management personnel of the Company [in 2020 was] $230,000 ([whereas in] 2019 [it was] $187,000)."

It is unclear (to me) if this is just the sum of the salaries for Paul and Asal, or if it is just Paul's salary, or if the list of "key personnel" would include a few other people.  It seems to be intentionally unclear, in just this regard, so that donors cannot really guess at how much money Paul and Asal are making out of this arrangement.

They spent A$853,544 on "contractors".  That's a whole lot of contracting.

I wonder if anyone, anywhere, can point to what was accomplished (by all that contracting) during a year of quarantine (when there was nearly zero travel, zero street activism, etc.).

(Touring and events nevertheless cost them $79,844.)

And, yes, I wonder if yet more imbeciles will donate yet more money to Paul Bashir in the years to come, with yet lower expectations as to what is supposed to be accomplished with all of this money.

Meanwhile, you can take a glance at their (one and only) youtube channel, to see just how little interest these millions of dollars have bought them:

In this sense, remarkably, even if my channel is a failure, Paul Bashir's channel (with a massive budget, as detailed) is a failure of both greater depth, and greater shallowness.