Monday 26 September 2022

Youtube censorship: further absurdities.

Chat transcript for case: 9-5458000032609

Sep 26, 10:10 PM (Pacific Time)

10:11:10 PM Angela: Hi, thank you for reaching out. My name is Angela. 

10:11:22 PM Eisel Mazard: This video has been "under review" since 2018:


three and a half years?

10:12:08 PM Angela: I'm sorry to hear that your video has been under review since 2018. 

10:12:08 PM Eisel Mazard: This one has been since 2016:

Do you need some more time for that decision?

This one has 4,800 views"

Under review since 2016.

10:13:16 PM Angela: Thank you for sharing more details about your concern.

10:13:21 PM Eisel Mazard: With 4,800 views: a few more years?  A few more months?  A few more weeks?

No, not a concern:

(1) I want action.

(2) I want an apology.

This video has 25,000 views:



10:14:27 PM Angela: Let me check this for you

10:14:43 PM Eisel Mazard: Report it to management.

I will hear back from you by email.

These are not the only examples on my channel.

10:14:44 PM Angela: I understand how important it is for you to have your videos reviewed. 

10:14:50 PM Eisel Mazard: I am a partner with over six million views total.

I matter.

Youtube has a contractual and moral obligation to me.

Youtube is my full time job.

How can you expect someone to wait FOR YEARS for decisions on demonetization and censorship?

10:15:38 PM Eisel Mazard: Eisel Mazard left the conversation

10:15:38 PM Eisel Mazard: Eisel Mazard ended the conversation


Wednesday 21 September 2022

New camera, new you, but it's still season two.

Creativity and Consequences: Comedy and My Changing Subscriber Count.

I'm not complaining.  But if any of you thought that I would immediately reach a larger audience through this change of format (that could, indeed, potentially appeal to a larger audience than my three hour livestreams about history, philosophy and politics)… well, no, not immediately.  ;-)

Tuesday 20 September 2022

On the meaning of the word "impossible".

"If!  Don't you come around here using that word 'if'!"


Sunday 18 September 2022

Comedy, the art of using stupidity, productively

Apparently I'm the first person to have said this, too.  Or, at least, the first person google is aware of.

Comedy: the art of using stupidity, productively.

Monday 12 September 2022

Inmon: abbreviating "involuntary monogamy", parallel to "involuntary celibacy".

Involuntary Monogamy: perhaps there has never before been a term for it… but now there is!  The first appearance of #INMON in the history of the internet, and the first use of the word inmon in the history of the world occurred on my youtube channel… TODAY.  ;-)

No, BTW, I didn't create this blog to be a running tally of minor witticisms that happened to coin new terms… but…

Thursday 8 September 2022

Democracy is not enough… BUT… even so…

Re: "…I am a subject to someone who was never elected…" —the problem is even worse than that.  You may accept the authority of a surgeon who is not elected, but his authority may be based on something that you intellectually respect.  If not, of course, you can try to replace him (i.e., find a better surgeon).  The royal family fails even these (less-than-democratic) criteria for legitimacy: they don't study for and write exams that would establish their authority —and they can't be obviated if they fail to live up to our standards.

Link 1:

I Killed Queen Elizabeth II

Link 2:

Political Revolution in the 21st Century: How Not Why.

Thursday 1 September 2022

Apparently, I'm the first person to say "Tradcon Icon", too.

It's such an obvious witticism…

you would think someone, somewhere had said it before…

but according to google, no, yet again…