Thursday, 19 May 2022

Footnotes on the decline and disappearance of the vegan demimonde.

Last month, April, I had 67,000 views (according to Socialblade).

In the same month, according to the same website, Vegan Gains had 154,000 views.

(That includes his livestreams, playing video games, etc.)


it's now fair to say…

Vegan Gains, also, is a small youtuber.

In the past, I made videos attempting to quantify the truly unimaginable decline in the number of viewers Freelee brought in, and drawing attention to the decline in the sum total of views for vegan channels —although this can only be imperfectly tallied up.

Although the continued success of Unnatural Vegan might seem like a counter example, in fact it is not: as recently as 2019 she had numbers in excess of one million views per month (sometimes exceeding two million views per month) whereas she's now at 300,000 and 400,000.  (Again, cf. Socialblade.

Does it matter?  Yes, it matters.

The death of the genre as a whole is, also, the death of an opportunity for eccentrics on the cusp of the genre, like myself (even if people like myself are, to some extent, subverting, challenging and criticizing the established assumptions of the genre).

Veganism Declined by 50% in Two Years: A Warning for the Movement. 

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