Friday 11 September 2015

Veganism vs. Human Rights (Youtube Video)

Veganism vs. Human Rights (the Politics of Putting Humanitarianism "First").  This includes anecdotes "from the field", concerning my own supposedly-humanitarian work in Laos, along with the broader theoretical point (about being a vegan in a world at war, etc.).


Saturday 5 September 2015

Learning Japanese with 人生ゲーム, the Jinsei Game.

The Japanese board-game 人生ゲーム has given rise to many, many adaptations.  Some of them can be used for level 1 language-practice (some with more Kanji than others, etc.).  All of them make use of exactly the sort of vocabulary that beginners need to learn (and practice), i.e., basic terms related to work, study, life, etc. etc.

Click below to see marriage, Japanese style, according to "The Game of Life".

Thursday 3 September 2015

Economics in 2015, a Recovery for Some

Economics in 2015: Recovery vs. "There will be no recovery!" (Taiwan, Japan, Canada, U.S. & Europe), on Youtube: