Monday 28 August 2017

Letter to my Cree Language instructors (from years past)

Hi Bill (this is Bill Cook's email, I presume?),
Hi to Solomon, too,

You guys haven't heard from me in more than a year.  Many strange changes in my life since I was a full-time student of Cree (as a language) at F.N.U.  I actually tried to study First Nations languages at UVic: they had one professor specialized in Cree, but they* refused to let it happen. They also had a circle of students studying Ojibwe independently on campus.  The whole department was hollow: nobody at UVic is learning/teaching any First Nations language (neither west-coast nor otherwise).  They just do linguistic methods.  Depressing as hell.

* [They = the department.]

I spent 7+ months in a language-school in China, 1-on-1 with the teacher, 4 hours per day, 5 days per week in the classroom.  This is exponentially more effective way to learn a language than university classroom methods (1 hour, twice a week, with 40 students in one room, etc.) --but expensive, of course.

A Complete List of My Youtube Videos (à-bas-le-ciel)

It is actually pretty difficult to access old videos (on à-bas-le-ciel) via the normal Youtube interface: they may fix/improve that interface (the corporation has recently made many changes)… but… for the time being… this clickable list made by Patreon-supporter Theo is a huge help.

The channel already has over 700 videos (as of August, 2017)… I don't know if the list will be updated/maintained, but it is already useful for accessing the earlier history of the channel.