Saturday 30 April 2016

Against Violence: Against Gary Yourofsky.

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Gary Yourofsky is Wrong: Vegans Kill Insects

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What if Beauty is Irrelevant? (Pt. 2 of 2)

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What if Science is Irrelevant? (Pt. 1 of 2)

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Dealing with disrespectful questions (as vegans)

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Vegans Kill Cockroaches (Vivisection, Agriculture & Activism)

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Talking About Veganism on Youtube (with Cheetah)

The full title being, "Vegans on Youtube Talking About Veganism on Youtube":

Melanie Murphy: The Ethical Omnivore

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The Vegan Mojo: Real Politics vs. Swimwear

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Vegans: A Conspiracy for Social Change?

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Thursday 21 April 2016

The Agony of Activism: talking to Zahria 269

An hour and 30 minutes long, on youtube:

The conversation is also available as an audio-only (podcast) MP3 for download:

Vegans: skepticism, dogma, democracy & paradox.

If found this one is difficult to summarize, and difficult to put a title to.  Veganism, like democracy, is imperfect, and susceptible to criticism; but that makes it all-the-more-important, and makes it important that we (i.e., vegans) don't preach it as a religion (to be believed in), but instead explain it, while being honest about its limitations and flaws.  On Youtube:

The Appeal to Nature Fallacy

This video addresses several logical fallacies, all over-used within the vegan-demimonde, some overused by the world at large:

Ignorance, Activism & Optimism

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Is Ethical Veganism Reasonable? Sustainable? Oppressive?

This is actually a response to an ex-Vegan's critique/rationale:

The Question of "Being Taken Seriously"

Vegans "Being Taken Seriously", on Youtube:

Friday 15 April 2016

尼港事件: an Essay on the Nikolaevsk Massacre, 1920

A fascinating and horrifying event in the world's history, transpiring where the borders of Russia, China and Japan overlap, and involving all three:

Thursday 14 April 2016

Pet Ownership and/or/as Slavery

On Youtube:

Talking to the Vegan Cheetah (Video and/or Podcast)

Over one hour long (there's a link to the audio-only version, downloadable as an MP3/podcast, below the video):

Goals in Life OTHER THAN Vanity & Issues OTHER THAN Veganism

Two videos recorded after writing my final exam for the semester:

Goals in Life OTHER THAN Vanity:

Vegans on Issues OTHER THAN Veganism:

Organizing Dissent: Digital Veganism vs. Real Life Vegans

On Youtube:

Why Do I Study Languages?

Why Do I Study Languages? Advice Nobody Wants to Hear [Ep. 003]
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Vegans don't own pets: domestication and/or/as evil

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