Tuesday 11 July 2023

The problem with hating your audience (is different from the problem of your audience hating you).

[This was a public comment on one of Stuart's videos (over at "the Unrepentant Atheist" youtube channel… but, really, you don't need to know more about the context than you can guess from the comment itself.]


Re: "If I owned a shop or I owned a restaurant…"—what we do on youtube is different because so much of the creative process (as internet filmmakers, podcasters, etc.) really does presuppose the participation (and direct influence) of the audience, so the overall scenario is more like a restaurant owner who invites customers to come into the kitchen and play some kind of role in the cooking.  I'm not saying that you're wrong, Stuart, nor even that you're half wrong, but it's worthwhile to think about the ways in which this art form is utterly different from owning a shop or a restaurant.  If you do Q&A with the audience, the quality of the questions you receive really can be a limit on the quality of the answers you can offer.


[And so I say: the problem with hating your audience differs from the problem of your audience hating you.]