Thursday 20 July 2023

How Youtube Censorship Works in 2023.

[I uploaded exactly the same video twice: one "version" was censored, whereas the other was not censored —even though the two versions are identical.  Nevertheless, it was (and is) completely impossible (in 2023) to get Youtube to re-examine the decision made by (human) censors, and to correct the error by either censoring both of them, or censoring neither.]

11:21:17 AM Charles: Hi my name is Charles, how are you doing today?

11:21:35 AM  Hello.

11:21:43 AM  I need this escalated to management to review:

11:21:48 AM  I have uploaded the same video twice

11:21:54 AM  (it is exactly the same video in every way)

11:22:04 AM Charles: Hi there! 

11:22:11 AM  but one "version" of the video is censored, and the other "version" IS NOT censored.

11:22:19 AM Charles: I see that you would like to have another review of your video on the platform. 

11:22:21 AM  And again: the two versions of the video are absolutely identical.

11:22:23 AM  (1)

11:22:24 AM

11:22:27 AM Charles: I know how worrisome this can be for you as a creator. 

11:22:32 AM Charles: I'd be happy to check this for you! 

11:22:41 AM  (2)

11:22:42 AM

11:22:57 AM Charles: Can you tell me more about your concern on your videos? 

11:23:04 AM  That is the whole story.  Let me know if you'll refer it to management or not.

11:24:01 AM Charles: Sure, let me go ahead and check this for you. 

11:24:31 AM  I have discovered (and I have proven) AN ERROR in your censorship system: either both versions of the video should be demonetized or NEITHER video should be demonetized.  Right now there are two versions of the video: one is censored and one is not (one is demonetized and one is not).  That must be an error.

11:24:41 AM  Please refer this to management to correct the error.  That is the whole story.

11:26:25 AM Charles: Thanks for confirming.

11:26:59 AM Charles: Are you able to send us a screenshot of what you are seeing from your end? 

11:27:28 AM  Your question does not make sense.

11:27:45 AM  What would I send you a screenshot of?

11:28:48 AM Charles: The screenshot that you're seeing there is a mistake with the monetization of your videos. 

11:29:05 AM  Proof.png

11:29:13 AM  ^ Behold.  A screenshot.

11:29:28 AM  Exactly the same video (EXACTLY).  One "version" is censored.  The other "version" is not censored.

11:30:12 AM Charles: Thanks for sending the screenshot.

11:32:50 AM Charles: Can you give me a few minutes to check on your concern?

11:33:40 AM  I can.

11:33:58 AM  However, this can only conclude in one way: you must escalate the complaint to management.

11:34:17 AM  An error was made: this is the only way that the error can be reviewed / rectified.

11:38:35 AM Charles: It seems like I would need a couple more minutes to check on your concern. 

11:38:48 AM  Thank you for your time and consideration.

11:43:31 AM Charles: Thank you for patiently waiting! 

11:43:41 AM Charles: Let me share more information about your concern. 

11:44:06 AM Charles: I'll explain first why a video may get a yellow icon. 

11:44:09 AM  No.

11:44:13 AM  Stop.

11:44:25 AM  Do not share that information with me.

11:44:32 AM  I have over 7,000,000 views.

11:44:43 AM  I have been through this process more than 100 times, possibly more than 1000 times.

11:44:57 AM  Please DO NOT "share more information" with me.

11:45:02 AM Charles: Oh, alright then. 

11:45:11 AM  I do not know how many years you've been working for youtube…

11:45:19 AM  but it is possible I have been working with youtube for more years than you have.

11:45:59 AM Charles: Upon checking, it seems like the video you want us to review is not fully the same. 

11:46:24 AM Charles: So there might still be discrepancies that may consider the other video for limited monetization. 

11:46:27 AM  It is the same: 

11:46:35 AM Charles: Due to the nature of your video or video metadata, including your video title, thumbnail or tags, we've found that your content doesn't align with the advertiser-friendly content guidelines and may not be suitable for all brands. 

11:46:40 AM  the exact same video was uploaded twice, once at a lower resolution, once at a higher resolution.

11:46:46 AM  The content of the video is identical

11:47:00 AM  So is this your plan?

You're going to lie to me?

11:47:04 AM Charles: Certain questions would arise like, are the titles the same, how about the thumbnail and tags? 

11:47:27 AM  I have a very simple question: are you going to escalate this to management or not?

11:47:39 AM  If you are not blind, you can see that the video is exactly the same (both uploads).

11:48:00 AM  Can you see that I'm telling the truth?  YES OR NO?

11:48:12 AM Charles: Yes, but how about the details of the video?

11:48:15 AM  Either I am telling the truth or I am lying:

11:48:20 AM  am I lying?

11:48:53 AM Charles: You are not lying but I have also shared with you what is included in the review for monetization. 

11:49:01 AM  If I am telling you the truth, there's a genuine reason to refer this matter to management (to "escalate the complaint").  An error has been made in the censorship process.

11:49:41 AM  You are lying: it is laughably untrue to suggest that one version of the video is not censored (while the other one is) because of differences in the title and metadata.

11:50:23 AM Charles: Alright then.

11:50:34 AM  Title: "Marijuana Causes Brain Damage: Scientific Facts."

11:50:44 AM  ^ You think THAT TITLE is the reason for censorship?

11:50:55 AM Charles: It could be. 

11:51:29 AM Charles: Metadata is indeed part of the review process. 

11:51:31 AM  So that is your reason to NOT escalate this complaint?

11:51:44 AM Charles: Let me also share with you an article about this: 

11:51:57 AM Charles: But I know how eager you are to have this reviewed again. 

11:52:01 AM  The possibility that the title COULD BE the reason = why you've waste 30 minutes of my time?  This is why you're refusing to treat my complaint as legitimate?

11:52:04 AM Charles: So we could look for other ways for you.

11:52:34 AM  We've been talking for more than 30 minutes.

11:52:39 AM  Very simple question:

11:52:43 AM  what are the outcomes?

11:52:47 AM  What happens next?

11:53:07 AM Charles: You can refer to this troubleshooter link to have our internal team check your video again:

11:53:38 AM Charles: Rest assured that we'll get back to you once we have more to share about your appeal. 

11:54:11 AM Charles: Hopefully you will get more understanding of the process on your future uploads. 

11:54:22 AM Charles: Aside from this, do you have other concerns for today? 

11:54:37 AM  Wait.

11:54:41 AM  Wait, Charles.

11:54:51 AM  I have been here for 30 minutes:

11:55:00 AM  you can wait while I use the "workflow" link to enter the URL…

11:55:05 AM  and then report to you that it DOES NOT WORK.

11:55:31 AM  Here is the reply, Charles:

11:55:33 AM  "Error with workflow configuration. Please escalate the issue."


11:55:44 AM Charles: Are you able to share a screenshot of what you're seeing? 

11:56:05 AM  Here is the screenshot:

[Use your imagination.]

11:56:57 AM  Everything I am telling you is the truth.  Everything you are telling me is (1) a lie and (2) an excuse.

11:57:08 AM  I do not know when youtube changed "the deal" with this appeal process…

11:57:16 AM  it's totally insane that you waste my time for more than 30 minutes this way:

11:57:23 AM  OF COURSE the issue should be escalated.

11:57:30 AM  OF COURSE the appeal should be presented to management.

11:57:35 AM  This is not even a question.

11:57:37 AM Charles: Thanks for the screenshot. 

11:57:48 AM Charles: Let me go ahead and check this from our end. 

11:58:00 AM  No, Charles: you must escalate the complaint.

11:58:06 AM  It's a valid complaint.

11:58:11 AM  You are not blind:

11:58:16 AM  you know I'm telling the truth.

11:58:17 AM  Do it.

11:58:27 AM  Do exactly what your job requires you to do AND ESCALATE THE COMPLAINT.

11:58:38 AM  Eisel Mazard left the conversation

11:58:38 AM  Eisel Mazard ended the conversation