Monday 19 June 2023

Ghosts of Fandar: Every Month is Autism Awareness Month.

How old do you think this guy is?  I would have to imagine he's very callow indeed.  But, yes, the other possibility is that he's just as mentally disabled as Fandar.

Every month is Autism awareness month.  Every month, homie.


[E.M. writing to Martin:]

Dude, learn how to write a sentence: "Not yet having issues with amazon delivery" DOES NOT have the same meaning as "No, not yet.  I have been having issues with Amazon delivery."  Exactly one person wrote in to me saying that he wants to read the book but can't get it where he's living: I sent him the book as a series of text files for free (and no, he didn't even donate a dime in return).  Yes, on the one hand, if people have legit problems (and they're not autistic) I can solve them; but, on the other hand, you tell me, motherfucker, if you'd spent two years of your life writing a 600 page book that's the culmination of 20 years of research, how you're gonna feel about some anonymous nonentity saying that you should give it away as a fucking etext for his convenience.

You ain't writing to me about your youtube channel, your podcast, your book —nor about your "I.R.L." politics, ventures, or other achievements.

You want respect?  Push respect.


[Martin writing to E.M.:]

First. I was typing from a fucking cellphone. 

Second I don´t accept impositions of morally inferior people (Yes, coincidentally, just so happened that I came across Fandar3 videos exposing you. You are, mentally and morally, fucked up).

If you took that long to write a book then you are not that smart as you pretend to be in your videos. ( Yes, I took my time to investigate further about you after your childish 5 year old angry reply).

20 years of research, C´mon! that´s part of the character you created all this time to justify your lifestyle and mistakes of your own past. As fake as the body language of many of your videos.

What do you for a living? Do you even have a job (any job)? Oh no that would be to low for Mr. Intelectual ooops don´t forget he´s vegan. Holy Shit the next Buddha right here ladies and gentlemen.

Who the fuck are you demand stuff from me (or anyone else)?. I live on my own and don´t depend from daddy and mommy funding me and I am younger than you. Already with that I am "I.R.L" miles ahead of you.

Since, you wanna interrogate me, someone told me about a video in which you (ex-buddhist and morally superior because... vegan!) claimed that your deserved more financial support than your brother who has a disability. How is that (Mr. intelectual and of course vegan!) something, morally superior?

By the way where´s the video in which you talk about your brother in such demeaning way?. I wanna show it to some people to warn them about these new breed of pseudo-intellectuals and morally bankrupt. (We had your type back in the days of  rise of tibetan buddhism in the west, years ago).

Haven´t you thought about why I prefer an electronic version (which I am willing to PAY BTW), let me give you a hint, Ok let´s go: books require ----->paper -------> requires chopping down trees (are you following me Mr. Intellectual).

Maybe there´s a more eco-friendly solution. Could that be an electronic version?  (I put some arrows (----->) in case the train of thought  is too hard to follow for you, just for you ;-)  )

Now Replying [to what you said earlier]:


"You ain't writing to me about your youtube channel, your podcast, your book —nor about your "I.R.L." politics, ventures, or other achievements.

You want respect?  Push respect"


I should thank you for your rude reply. Made me do a quick research which uncovered who you are really (thanks to that youtuber that exposed you). No I am not gonna share with you my politics, ventures, nothing! You are not worthy of any of them.

You want my respect, you just lost it for good.

P.S.  Don´t write to me with UPPERCASE mother fucker I am neither your employee nor your submissive (and sadly manipulated) girlfriend, which I hope, for her mental health, breaks up with you ASAP.

I saw you were satisfied to see a college professor in the hospital... and you speak about moral superiority. You want anyone´s respect? Fuck you!

You want respect? Earn it!  (getting a job, ANY JOB should be  a good start).

And have a nice a wonderful day :)


[E.M. writing to Martin:]

Eisel Mazard

Oh yeah, bro, Fandar = 110% legit source of information.


You could learn more about me from a casual reading of my own blog, or even my own Instagram.

Re: "You want my respect, you just lost it for good."

No, I don't want your respect: you've quite hilariously misinterpreted my message (and I can't even say that you've misinterpreted it in a self-serving way, so it is a peculiar error on your part).

I have never once been asking you to respect me: I have been asking you to provide evidence of who you are, of what you do, etc., so that I can respect you.  That was very clear throughout.

You want me to send you a free copy of my book as a TXT file?  I can do that, and I have done that (as mentioned) for one person who really was in a circumstance in which he found it impossible to buy my book on paper.  Look at how wildly unreasonable and malicious your responses have been: I am saying to you, "look, if your own behavior were 'on the level', and I had some sense of who you were, etc., then I would be willing to do you this favor" —it is not a tremendously high level of respect we're talking about.  However, doing such a favor for a faceless, nameless account on the internet (and, in your case, an account that has ONLY been an asshole toward me) is really a tall order.

Homie: talent is scarce.

When you look back on this five years from now, you're gonna have to ask yourself what opportunity was lost: what opportunity you'd squandered just to indulge your own ego and throw this little tantrum in front of me.