Monday 19 June 2023

Armor, in battle, is worth more than a medallion for bravery: Fandar's allegations revisited.

[Martin writes in again:]

You are not talented, you are just another liberal diguised as an intelectual repeating the same cliches again and again in a echo chamber. So absolutely no opportunity lost.

Don´t wanna the respect of someone that says, how it was like? " If she is 16 it doesnt´matter"?

Game Over. You lost here just like you lost in life.

P.S. you havent answered my question: Do you have a real job? or you just leach from other people? (just like the pseudo-intelectuals in this part of the world)


[And I reply:]

If I am merely disguised as an intellectual, the disguise certainly is convincing: you should spend many years studying how to disguise yourself in the same way, as this outer raiment seems to be worth more than the thing itself —as armor in battle is worth more than a medallion for bravery.

Re: "Don´t wanna the respect of someone that says, how it was like? " If she is 16 it doesnt´matter"?"

Now tell me something Martin: has it occurred to even once that this could be an example of that notorious internet phenomenon of someone being misquoted in mid-sentence in a manner that completely misrepresents what they've said and why?  Are you so young that you've never once seen this phenomenon before?

In the hands of someone as deranged, dishonest and malign as Fandar, anyone can be made to seem to say the exact opposite of what they're saying: if you go back and listen to the source that he's quoting (but misrepresenting) you'll find that it's a long morality lecture that is perfectly consistent with dozens of other videos I've made on the subject (e.g. in criticizing Onision for his romances with teenage girls, etc., numerous videos talking about the perils of open relationships)…

…namely, "This is bad with someone circa 18, but it's also bad when we're talking about people who are in their mid 30s" —I have drawn attention to the extent to which people much older than 18 can be vulnerable in just the same way as 18 year olds, basically.

So, yes, you can cut someone off in mid sentence and misrepresent what they're saying (and, BTW, Fandar has actually apologized for this to me in email, but never deleted the video… or, in fact, I think he deleted the video and then later undeleted it)… but it takes someone as stupid and malign as you, Martin, to believe it.