Tuesday 23 August 2022

The will to learn, the will to live: as real as a blind man's cane.

[From correspondence.]

I write in few words to avoid boring you.

I disagree with this distinction.

And others parallel to it.

I admit: I just recently wrote a book on this very topic.

(I am not admitting this to sell you a copy of the book, but just to explain that my thoughts on the matter are prefabricated.)

Some people cannot read.

Some people do not know how to read.

Some people can read and know how to read, but nevertheless NEVER read a book (unless they're compelled to by work, school, etc.).

These three groups, equally, do not read.

Some people cannot participate in politics.

Some people do not know how to.

Some people can, and understand how, but don't.

The three are one.

I am proposing the unification of laziness, ignorance, stupidity and disability.

Some people are blind from birth.  Some people are mentally and/or physically retarded.

But those who live as if they are blind, as if they are retarded, due to a lack of will, they are truly blind, and truly retarded.

There is more truth, not less, to their incapacity.

The will cannot be taught.

Those who lack the will lack something.

It's as real as eyesight.

It's as real as a walking stick.

It's as real as a blind man's cane.