Friday 10 November 2023

And now, the sex scandal: Wayne Hsiung is in jail AND ALL OF A SUDDEN…

This is being "marketed" as a sex scandal, but note that there are financial and political aspects to the critique, some of which sound suspiciously similar to things I've said on my youtube channel many years ago (e.g., pointing out the financial role of Wayne's sister, holding the keys to the bank account, etc.).

By March 2022, K.S., who was about 15 years younger than Hsiung, agreed to meet with and help Hsiung record a podcast in Southern California. K.S. said Hsiung suggested the two get dinner the night before under the pretense of showing her how the mics worked before their morning taping. During the meal, K.S. said Hsiung asked her intimate and personal questions, including if she wanted to have children. 

K.S. said Hsiung walked her to her car and “launched into a profession of feelings” for the activist, admitting he had felt this way for a long time and that her disinterest in having kids concerned him. 


In September 2022, K.S. filed a report of the incident. The reports team—a small group of unpaid volunteers with no official human resources experience—responded by saying that Hsiung would sign an agreement committing to not pursuing or professing his love for members who reasonably believe they are in a mentor-mentee relationship with Hsiung. However, the reports team would not provide K.S. with a signed copy of the document.