Tuesday 5 September 2023

Comedy in Las Vegas: where old ideas come to die.

Las Vegas is both a victim and a canny exploiter of cultural inertia.

Everything here is about 30 years behind the present day:

they play music that's 30 years out of date

and the stand up comedians are all people who were famous 30 years ago.

If our flight had not been delayed, we could have seen Jon Lovitz (who was mentioned in one of my rap lyrics).

And it is the same with the magicians, musicians, etc. (Michael Jackson is still performing here, long after his death).

[We saw one comedian perform, live, exactly the same jokes she'd performed seven years earlier, and that were immortalized as such on YouTube: she performed the same set verbatim, aside from complaining that she's 58, now, as opposed to 51, before.]

Even in comedy, this is not a place where new ideas are tested, it is a place where old ideas come to die.