Monday 31 October 2022

Nihilist Messiah: Eisel Mazard After "No More Manifestos"

"Question, why are you a nihilist? Just wondering."

The rope is a fetter for the rope: through the act of untying, nothing is liberated, nothing is destroyed, nothing is removed, no obstacle is obviated, and yet we may call the rope free inasmuch as the knot is undone.  Belief is binding; the believer is bound.  The mind is a fetter for the mind: in the act of unbelieving, the fetter is undone.  Belief is a relationship of the believer to the believer, nothing else —as the knot is a relationship of the rope to the rope, and does not tie it to anything else, and the act of untying does not free it from anything but itself.  Knowing what I know is freedom; everything else is slavery.  There are many ways to believe, and many things to believe in, and many leaders who will say that "we" are bound together by these beliefs; but there is only one nihilism —and it is mine, not ours, not yours —and it divides me against you, forever and ever —in the perpetual parting of the ways.