Monday 26 September 2022

Youtube censorship: further absurdities.

Chat transcript for case: 9-5458000032609

Sep 26, 10:10 PM (Pacific Time)

10:11:10 PM Angela: Hi, thank you for reaching out. My name is Angela. 

10:11:22 PM Eisel Mazard: This video has been "under review" since 2018:


three and a half years?

10:12:08 PM Angela: I'm sorry to hear that your video has been under review since 2018. 

10:12:08 PM Eisel Mazard: This one has been since 2016:

Do you need some more time for that decision?

This one has 4,800 views"

Under review since 2016.

10:13:16 PM Angela: Thank you for sharing more details about your concern.

10:13:21 PM Eisel Mazard: With 4,800 views: a few more years?  A few more months?  A few more weeks?

No, not a concern:

(1) I want action.

(2) I want an apology.

This video has 25,000 views:



10:14:27 PM Angela: Let me check this for you

10:14:43 PM Eisel Mazard: Report it to management.

I will hear back from you by email.

These are not the only examples on my channel.

10:14:44 PM Angela: I understand how important it is for you to have your videos reviewed. 

10:14:50 PM Eisel Mazard: I am a partner with over six million views total.

I matter.

Youtube has a contractual and moral obligation to me.

Youtube is my full time job.

How can you expect someone to wait FOR YEARS for decisions on demonetization and censorship?

10:15:38 PM Eisel Mazard: Eisel Mazard left the conversation

10:15:38 PM Eisel Mazard: Eisel Mazard ended the conversation