Monday 27 July 2015

My Divorce, Episode 2 (Monologue)

As stated in the first few minutes, this is self-censored with an awareness that my ex-wife's future employers could theoretically see it, and I wouldn't want my remarks to have any adverse effects on her life/career.  Indeed, the video is made without any ill-will toward anyone (I don't even name anyone), but, rather, with the hope that my daughter might see it one day (as I'm apparently not going to see her at all, myself).

Link to the video on Youtube:

In its second half, this gives a fairly detailed description of the reasons and circumstances surrounding the breakup (in both France and Taiwan)… while avoiding saying anything negative about my ex-wife, one way or the other.  At the very end there are some remarks addressed to my daughter. 

My appearance/coloring seems to change (in a surreal way) from the start to the end of the video; this is simply the effect of natural lighting, i.e., the sun was setting while I recorded this (and the camera compensates for lower levels of light, etc.).