Monday 22 June 2015

Last of the White Elephants (a story, though non-fiction)

Some "creative non-fiction" about lives lived in Laos, etc.
"I remember one guy who had been living 'in character' quite thoroughly, even using a false name along the lines of Jack Smith.  He presented himself regularly at the fruit-juice shop downstairs from my apartment in Vientiane, making a consistent effort to hit on the waitress there.  He was always 'dressed up' by the standards of a third-world, tropical country, in a nondescript shirt and tie.  In Laos, the long-sleeve dress shirt was a mark of distinction for a foreigner: it signaled that the man wearing it was not a tourist, and perhaps even had a job.  Simply not being a tourist moved a man from the category of a possible short-term affair into consideration as marriage material."