Friday 18 April 2014

On Youtube, Atheism and Apotheosis: Regarding Religion as History

“…we tend to let ourselves imagine that a skeptical reading of mythology reveals something other than a myth… conversely, one interesting side-effect of this attitude toward mythology, is that we’re always producing new myths, through new interpretations that fasten onto one aspect or another of the story as 'real' and 'original'…”

“…nobody is interested in “authenticity” if that authenticity includes slavery, the subjugation of women, and the caste system.  Nevertheless, we have to be extremely wary of the fabrication of a whole pseudo-history of Buddhism just to suit modern political concerns.”

“…These modern myths are much more influential than anything the ancient texts say, partly because they convince people to selectively ignore the evidence of the ancient texts.  That is profound and serious problem for Buddhism today (both as a religion and as an area of study)…”

On Youtube: