Monday, 10 January 2022

What I said to Harley ("Durianrider") directly (since the trial resumed, in these last few days).


It ain't over.  Yet.

The Future of Veganism: A FUNDRAISER.

And… although I don't expect you to donate to fundraiser… you might be interested in reading the discussion of the issue (and "the point" of going back to Chiang Mai at all) that I've posted there:


———[Without any reply, I sent the following email roughly a day later]———


Thousands and thousands of people believed the lies you made up about me.

And they've kept those lies alive, even after you've (privately) admitted that you were in the wrong.

You never did make any effort --publicly-- to set things right or make amends (not even on the scale of my efforts in debunking Norvegan --something I had no moral obligation to get involved in, as I'd done nothing wrong, and I had nothing to make amends for --I just knew Norvegan was lying, and did something about it, because it was the right thing to do).

Remember "Fruit Angel"?

She's a great example: she believed the whole phony narrative you made up.  I assume it would be painful for you to listen to that video of hers now, but you're listening to your own lies told back to you.

And for the record, remember: your initial lie was that I was having sex with Lauren in Scotland (the anorexic known as "The Vegan Lass"), and then people mysteriously forgot that, as you started to claim that I'd had some kind of connection to Julia Boer.

Everything you said about me was a lie --and you knew it at the time --and you know it now --and you never tried to set things right (not even when Freelee and Richard twisted your arm to do so, etc. etc.).

And, in the years since, you still haven't tried.

See you in court.