Saturday, 14 September 2019

September, 2019, Financial Report: How Much Do I Earn From Youtube?

Well, the month-to-month statistics have become even less consistent now, as Google corporation has decided to deprive us of the ability to generate stats for each period of 30 days (forcing us to calculate for a period of 28 days).

The update to the youtube analytics interface does, however, have some improvements: you can see clearly, e.g., that while these stats were generated on Sept. 14th, they only include the numbers up to Sept. 12th, etc.

You also now have an interesting number in the top-left corner: the number of UNIQUE viewers (per 28 days), a statistic quite a bit different from the number of views/viewing-time.  Over the last 90 days, the system estimates that I reached 66,500 unique viewers, but 235,700 views (per se).

This equates to $138 in revenue over 28 days, and $523 over the last 90 days.

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Missing my daughter, drawings made when first learning Chinese

These drawings were made years ago, when I'd first arrived in Victoria, first started learning Chinese (at UVic).  I was missing my daughter, and imagining I might be able to illustrate a children's book for her, eventually.

Friday, 16 August 2019

August, 2019, Financial Report: How Much Do I Earn From Youtube?

As you can see, the money I made from youtube amounts to just over $162 in 30 days, a significant decrease (compared to the month before).  Note that the dates here do not precisely line up with the month before (i.e., it is not a perfect sequence of 30 days, followed by the next 30 days in sequence).

Sunday, 14 July 2019

July, 2019, Financial Report: How Much Do I Earn From Youtube?

As you can see, the money I made from youtube amounts to just over $217 in 30 days, a modest increase over the month before.

Monday, 8 July 2019

On the moderate dishonesty of professional historians.

What most people learn, in our system of education, is to venerate the "moderate dishonesty" of the professional historian; as students, we are corrupted more than we know, and then have trouble understanding anything contradicting this aesthetic expectation.

Thursday, 13 June 2019

June, 2019, Financial Report: How Much Do I Earn From Youtube?

As you can see, the money I made from youtube amounts to just under $200 in 30 days ($196.15), and this is, indeed, a significant increase over the month before.

Thursday, 6 June 2019

Virtue begins and ends with a refusal to compromise.

Virtue begins and ends with a refusal to compromise; but people do not regard "being uncompromising" as a virtue.

(I could have, instead, structured this sentence around defiance and apathy: virtue begins and ends with defiance in the face of apathy, but to be defiant isn't perceived as a virtue.)

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Question from a viewer about learning Greek (Ancient Greek & Modern Greek)

[My reply to the question from a viewer, shown in the image above.]  I started learning Greek during a very sad, very memorable time in my life: while my marriage with my ex-wife was in-the-process of breaking up, and while I was taking care of my infant daughter 24 hours per day.  However, infants do sleep for many hours of the day (even if unpredictably) and so I would put my daughter down in the crib, and study Greek at a table in the same room with her, where she was napping/sleeping.  As "everyone" will tell you: Greek (ancient and modern) is fundamentally similar to Pali (and Sanskrit).

Yes, the "everyone" being alluded to is a pretty erudite circle, but hey, you know you're talking to a snob.  ;-) 

There is indeed a "What if?" question, for "What if I had continued to study Greek?"   Instead, as you know, I've been through tremendous misery with Chinese and Japanese since then.  However, I have zero faith in Greek culture: I honestly do not think I could ever have a job in Greece, and I do not think I'd have friends in Greece —I have one Greek friend now (internet-only, we've never met) who very much rejects my understanding of the modern culture, and who insists I'd do very well in modern Greek culture, and with the modern Greek language.  If my daughter does actually move to Bulgaria, I would indeed consider moving to Greece, and learning Greek (again).  And yes, the years I spent studying Pali actually do make it easier to learn Greek (ancient or modern: they are really, IMO, the same language to a greater extent than the British ever want to admit, i.e., because the British insist on pronouncing Greek words with a British accent that they pretend is "authentic" ancient Greek).

逃往雲南: 老爸老媽的浪漫史 (我真實的故事)

Or, "How I met your mother": the true story of a peculiar journey from Laos to Yunnan.