Thursday 11 July 2024

Nash Park, Victoria's #1 stand up comedian, says Eisel Mazard is a really bad guy.

And here's the link to the video in question.  Title: Is Instagram ruining stand up comedy?  Subtitle: Nash Park is going to beat me up.  Probably.

Sunday 7 July 2024

Against Moderation. As Always.

Nihilist Messiah, Buddhist Demagogue: I could have been either one, not both.

The final statement about money indicates how extremely stupid this person is.  And note that I am only ascribing stupidity to him, not bad intentions.
And my reply:
People are eager to be deceived, reluctant to be undeceived, therefore they are people, rather than gods.  Those who believe in idols are people; those who believe in nothing are the makers (and destroyers) of idols —they are gods.

Tuesday 25 June 2024

No matter how honest you are, many people in the audience will prefer fiction.


Re: "I imagine that he has restricted any key words in comments that would make it appear anyone is siding with his ex."  Guess again.

Re: "But the one thing that strikes me as strange about you is the way that you seem to think you’ve never done anything wrong and that you’re solely a victim in this."  Correct: on this Melissa and I agree —indeed, all of the witnesses and participants agree.  Neither Melissa nor anyone else is so wildly delusional as to think it was my fault that Melissa (e.g.) snuck away to masturbate on camera with another man in the middle of baking a cake on Christmas Eve —something I had no knowledge of, no control over, and so on.

Melissa knew the rules of the open relationship (a.k.a. polyamory) and she very intentionally broke them, while demanding that I adhere to those same rules strictly (the latter was something I was happy to do, BTW, as I thought the rules were for everyone's own good, e.g., not messaging people in secret, but being open and honest with each other, as a couple, about any flirtatious messages with other individuals/couples).

Re: "It’s like you’re incapable of acknowledging that you likely weren’t innocent in this relationship either."  No, it's like you're making up a ludicrous fiction out of whole cloth that isn't compatible with any Melissa or I have ever said —and it's like you prefer your fiction to the reality that both Melissa and I have repeatedly attested to.  This really is a situation in which I did nothing wrong.  It happens.  Get over it.  I did.

Monday 24 June 2024

Denouement: Tess Begg will have her revenge, etc.

It has been a few years since I've been through this particular song and dance, but...

...copyright does not make you immune to criticism (or even ridicule).  Copyright does not mean that nobody else has the right to use your image (or a quotation from you) in a YouTube video, be it serious, be it satirical, or be it something in between.