Sunday, 2 February 2014

My Two Articles on the 12 Links

My two articles on the 12 links (a.k.a., “Twelve Nidānas”, 十二因缘, etc.) have now been posted to, so, I suppose, they're easier to find, and they won't disappear if the "New Mandala" website does:

• Returning to the Primary Source of the 12-Links (十二因缘) in Theravada Buddhism, or, “Discarding Dependent Origination”.

• Causality and Canonicity: a Sequel on the Misinterpretation of Buddhist “Dependent Arising” and/or/as/vs. “Interdependence”.

I have tried for years to get these translated into Chinese (and, no, I wasn't asking anyone to work for free) but the translators were terrified of the challenge.  So, these still remain in English only.